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Pine Mountain

The magnificent natural landscapes steeped in a rich cultural history make Pine Mountain State Resort Park one of the finest Parks Kentucky has to offer. Historic Cumberland Gap, The Cumberland River, old growth forests, wildlife, fresh, clean air and the imposing Appalachian Mountains sweeping across this area of Eastern Kentucky are just some of the attractions to be found here. Pine Mountain State Resort Park also boasts striking historic structures such as its lodge, cabins and out buildings that lend the park a special old-fashioned charm.

This park was set up some 100 years ago as a result of the citizens of Bell Country’s strong passion to establish a state park. They met with chairman of the Kentucky State Parks Commission, Dr Willard Rouse Jilson. The interest was so strong that dozens of local citizens joined forces with country officials and generously donated land to establish a state park. The land consisted of present-day Laurel Cove and nearby areas. In 1924, Pine Mountain was inaugurated as Kentucky’s first state park.

Pine Mountain originally started out as a small park with a few facilities and a limited system of roads and trails. However, in 1933, the park underwent considerable development thanks to the setting up of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), a federally funded program to put young men to work and relieve some of the financial strain of the Great Depression. Thanks to their splendid craftsmanship, Pine Mountain saw the construction of roads, bridges, shelters, and hiking trails, as well as log cabins and a main office building made of native sandstone and American chestnut logs.

Pine Mountain grew to be a park of such repute that in the 1960s it was recognized as a park deserving greater development, and substantial funding was allotted for new on-site projects. The old lodge was renovated with the addition of a wing of 30 guest rooms, 10 cottages, a swimming pool, golf course, and road improvements. Facility renovation was again undertaken in 1997-99 and periodically thereafter to achieve needed repairs and improvements. Most recently the restaurant at the lodge obtained a liquor license (the first in Bell County) so guests can more fully enjoy their experience on site.


Picture this: you’re whizzing fast past fragrant green pine needles adorning the tall hemlock trees that are over 300 years old. Sometimes you catch a glimpse of the pretty pines that hang from its branches and then, before you know it, you find yourself faced with one of the most spectacular vistas you have ever seen: a bird’s eye view of the mountain and its quiet valley below. This is an adrenaline rush like no other. And then comes the calm. As you slow down, you can take the time to appreciate the peace, and listen to the spirited sound of water as you enjoy unique views of the largest waterfall in the park, the Honeymoon Falls.

Pine Mountain Zipline Canopy Tour is the first Zipline Canopy Tour located in a Kentucky State Park where you can learn, eat, see and now zip. Experience the thrill as you fly through the gap on our 1,300-foot zipline. Breathe the fresh air, smell the grassy perfume and let yourself be mesmerised by the atmospheric sound of falling water. You’ll learn about this delicate ecosystem as you rappel into the canopy of old growth Hemlocks. You’ll slow down but still be in the air while you cross over our dual bridge overlooking the famous Honeymoon Falls. Come see and be a part of the beauty and history of Pine Mountain.

The Pine Mountain Zipline Canopy tour is a fun thrilling adrenaline rush, as well as a beautiful calming and educational natural experience-all in one. The PMZCT is surely an experience you won’t want to miss.

The stunning natural environment of Pine Mountain coupled with a rich cultural history at Kentucky’s first state park serve as the perfect backdrop for the Pine Mountain Zipline Canopy Tour. We chose the Pine Mountain Area as the location for this world class canopy tour because it boasts so many attractions and conveniences, from old growth forests, to stunning mountain and waterfall views, a spectacular lodge and restaurant, an inviting swimming pool, hiking trails, cabins, a conference center and top ranking golf course Wasioto Winds.

And that’s not all. As you zip through the park, you are met with the towering hemlock trees that are over 300 years old. Their presence is overpowering as only trees this old can be. They are huge, tall and three- to four-feet in diameter. You’ll be forgiven if for a while you think you are in a magical garden as you find yourself surrounded by large, white oak and tulip poplar trees and several colossal sandstone boulders that form Boulder Alley and you just might catch a glimpse of a great thicket of rhododendron nestled among the soaring hemlocks. You will learn about the threats to this majestic forest and how our tour is helping fight invasive species and raise awareness of the problem.

The star attraction of the Pine Mountain Zipline Canopy tour is the twin waterfall known as Honeymoon Falls which is at its peak during the wetter months. Following the rush of zipping fast through trees and rhododendron, your tour slows down, thanks to twin suspension bridges to allow you to fully experience the view of this gorgeous waterfall. The waterfall likely takes its name from an earlier era, when the park was a popular spot among honeymooners. The choice is understandable seeing how romantic the sound of falling water is as it pours off the grassy rocks, onto a welcoming bed of colorful pebbles down below.

On this 2.5 hour Zipline tour, you will experience:
-A professionally guided zipline tour with 7 ziplines, 2 bridges, and 2 rappels
-Ziplines up to 1300 feet long and heights up to 100 feet
-Speeds up to 40 MPH
-Gorgeous scenery taking you through trees and
-Two canopy bridges
-Two rappels
-A complete adrenaline rush!

We know you will have a great time and an experience to remember on our tours because we care. All necessary safety equipment is included in the price of your ticket!


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Pine Mountain Zipline Family Fun Getaway

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